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What things you should know about Hair Patch/ Natural Wig?

Date Published: January 22, 2022

With so many options available online E-commerce stores and other sources, buying the right hair system can be very confusing. Then the question arises. Why should I choose Beauty Hair Supply and Beauty Centre? Here are some of the points that make us stand out:


 Customization includes base design, hair texture, volume, hair color, hair loss area and many other elements at a very affordable price.

 Single hair transplantation-

Single hair transplantation is possible. Inexpensive hair systems make it very difficult to separate hair because multiple hairs are embedded at the same time. This makes the process  very fast and the associated costs very low. One hair is embedded in our hair system.

 Hair Quality-

 There are about 40 different hair qualities. Examples: single, double, remy hair, non-remy hair. We use only  double pull remy hair, which is the most expensive hair in the world. All  cuticles point in the same direction in Remy's hair. They are elastic to flow freely and give a very natural look.

 Hair Textures-

 There are different types of hair textures such as straight hair, wave hair, curly hair and kinky hair. Use old photos of people to personalize your hair according to the texture  of your hair. Designed to look natural.

 Hair Diameter-

Diameter means hair thickness  and varies from person to person. The diameter of the hair is thick, medium and thin. According to this diameter, adjust the hair to make it look natural.

 Hair System Density-

 Hair System Density indicates how many hairs the  hair system is made up of. It is very important to understand that dense hair patches look unnatural, but low density hair systems look very natural. We specialize in low density hair system

 Hair color-

Hair color is different because of different skin color. There are more colors than black or brown. We match your hair color with your photos, videos, or personal consultations that give us ideas that fit your natural hair.

 Front Hairline-

The most important thing about a front hairline is a transaction that grows from low density to high density. I made  a wig to grow from low density to high density, like natural hair.

 Front Hairline Shape-

Consider several factors to adjust the shape of the hairline  so that it looks completely  natural. This depends on the area of ​​your temple  and  decreases with age. The  hairline of the bangs is shaped to imitate the territory of a human temple.


Here are some pictures to help you  decide which hairstyle is right for you. When ordering, you can tell the manager what hairstyle you want. We adjust your hair length and natural hair density and propose hairstyles for you.

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